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At the Danby lodge estate, we encourage a friendly, compassionate, family style of living.

Our priority is on all aspects of our residents’ well-being, whether it is ensuring you have all your home comforts, enabling you to maintain your independence and continue with the hobbies and interests you enjoy, or through our extensive list of activities.

All meals are freshly prepared by our team of enthusiastic housekeepers. We are able to cater for a range of dietary requirements and offer a great variety of menu choices.

We understand the importance of nutrition and hydration to support resident’s mental and physical wellbeing. We hold regular food forums to involve residents in the development of seasonal menus and give feedback on new dishes.

We support and encourage independent living but realise that some of our residents may be limited in terms of travel. This is why we have a visiting hair stylist, and a weekly shopping service to allow them to feel great and enjoy their own comforts, without the stress.

There is a visiting hair stylist, to give residents the opportunity to feel great without the stress of travelling.

Our weekly shopping service gives residents the chance to order any of the little things they might need.

Whatever your faith, we will support you to continue to fulfil your spiritual needs. We have strong links with local churches and the community. We have regular services and welcome visiting community groups.

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