How to assuage the fears of relatives moving to assisted accommodation

For many elderly people, the realisation that they may be becoming unable to stay in their own homes can be upsetting.

That’s why, when the time comes to look for respite care for elderly relatives, it’s important that your search focuses on “residential homes near me”. Staying local will mean an easier transition for both you and your relative, and can help assuage any fears they may have about moving into an assisted living residence.

At Abbeyfield, where we offer assisted living in Darlington, we understand that the conversation about moving to into some form of residential care home can be difficult, but we’ve a few pointers to help everyone facing such a situation.

The right place

Firstly, we recommend finding the right setting. Abbeyfield Darlington is not a care home; our founder, Richard Carr-Gomm set up The Abbeyfield Society as “A scheme to bring lonely people together, in an ordinary house, in an ordinary street, getting support and creating an atmosphere of companionship from neighbours and family; returning to the community rather than moving away from it.”

While there are other care homes in Darlington, the Abbeyfield difference is that we offer homely and friendly houses with established links within their community, where we make time for our residents, and enhance their lives by bringing everyone together.

This mitigates against many of the fears people may have about assisted living, as our residences are warm, welcoming homes – we like to think of residents as simply moving house, rather than into care.

Staying independent

Many elderly people are also concerned about the loss of independence when moving into a Darlington nursing home.

At Abbeyfield Darlington, we offer supported housing, which is designed for people who have a high level of independence, but with the added reassurance of support and companionship if they need it. House managers and volunteers are there when required and two meals are provided daily.

Keeping in touch

Another common fear for those moving into elderly residential homes is loneliness, and protecting against this is a key priority at Abbeyfield. In our assisted living facilities, family and friends are welcome to visit you whenever suits – after all, this is our residents’ home.

Many homes have warm, welcoming communal spaces for residents and guests, as well as lovely gardens for entertaining in the summer. Family and friends are also welcome to stay for meals, events and activities. Some, but not all, of our homes have guest rooms to stay over and guest parking spaces.

Keep talking

The main thing to do when considering some form of assisted living for you or your loved one is to keep communicating.

Change can be upsetting for anyone at any age, but if everyone involved in the decision takes the time to listen to each other, as well as ensure they find the Darlington care home or assisted living residence that suits them, then the process can be made easier for everyone.

At Abbeyfield Darlington, we offer compassionate, caring and family-style living, first-class facilities and an extensive programme of activities for all our residents.

To find out if we’re the ideal home for your family member, get in touch by filling in our contact form or call us on 01325 369673.