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The Team – Vision and Values:

  • At Abbeyfield Darlington, our philosophy is simple – we put the residents at the heart of all our thinking.
  • The team includes EVERYBODY who works at Abbeyfield, Darlington. Each member of staff makes a unique and valuable contribution to our residents’ experience. Some of the best initiatives, which make a real difference to residents’ lives, have come from the Housekeepers and House Assistants.
  • We pay higher than the Living Wage. In 2021 this is £8.94 for House assistants and   £9.47 for Housekeepers

We’re passionate about:

  • Excellent customer service – continually striving to improve the quality and service of our supported housing.
  • Living well – looking after our residents’ physical and mental wellbeing and looking after each other.
  • Team work – contributing to our dedicated and passionate team to benefit and support our residents.